Railway Station Estate & Stanley Rickard

SHDHS Newsletter Vol. 3 No.3 May-June 2021 Railway Station Estate Strathfield – website

The Federation style cottages located between 42 and 58 Albert Road Strathfield are the last remaining buildings standing from a large estate of thirty buildings located on Albert Road and Churchill Avenue designed by architect Stanley Rickard and built from 1904 to 1906.

There are example of Federation estates in Sydney such as the Haberfield estate developed by real estate agent Richard Stanton or the Daceyville estate, designed by John Sulman, which featured a developed housing estate conformity in styles, form and setting.  Rickard’s estate in Strathfield featured a range of single storey and semi-detached Federation style cottages that was less ambitious than the Haberfield estate, however, it is rare to find examples of planned estate unified by conformity in style and form by a single designer in the Strathfield area.

42-58 Albert Road Strathfield