The Strathfield Homebush District Historical Society, Inc. was founded in 2017 and is affiliated with the Royal Australian Historical Society. It is primarily concerned with the history of the Strathfield Local Government Area and adjoining areas.  The Society replaced the defunct Strathfield District Historical Society, which ceased operating in 2014.

The Society is a not-for-profit local community organisation and its objectives are:

  • to encourage the study of the history and heritage both of the districts of Strathfield and Homebush Districts and Australian history.
  • to promote the local heritage by encouraging members of the community to preserve and enhance aspects of our environment for current and future generations.
  • to carry out and assist research and education to broaden the known knowledge of local history, conservation and environment.
  • to provide for and facilitate the collection, display, publication and preservation of documents (including photographs), relics and other suitable material.
  • to organise a wide range of activities in order to attract and motivate members, raise funds and further the objectives of the association.
  • to identify and work for the conservation of buildings, landmarks, parklands flora, fauna and areas of special quality important for our cultural past, present and future.
  • to co-operate with societies, community groups and other organisations on matters relating to these objectives.
  • to advise authorities on matters relating to the objectives of the association.
  • to raise funds to further these objectives.


The Society is organising a research program and developing other activities.  Members are kept informed through a regular newsletter.  The Committee of Management meets regularly to direct the affairs of the Society.


Members have access to an online archive, which is regularly being developed.  The Society has no physical premises but provides collections for displays and exhibitions.


Membership covers a financial year.  The current membership subscription is $15 (individual) and $10 (students and concession), families (living in one household) $25 and corporate $50.  Membership fees assume receipt of newsletters and correspondence via email.  An additional $10 charge will apply for membership to one address to cover costs of postage.