The Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society wrote to Strathfield Council on 8 November 2021 to request that an Interim Heritage Order be placed on 40 Beresford Road Strathfield as a matter of urgency.  This house is currently on the market and is not heritage listed, though is adjacent to a number of heritage listed properties.

The house should meet the criteria for heritage listing of local significance.  The potential loss of this house would affect other heritage properties located close to this house.

The house at 40 Beresford Road Strathfield is called ‘Kobunia’ and is an relatively in-tact Queen Anne style Federation bungalow built c.1909.  It is surrounded by a large number of heritage listed items and areas.  However, this house has not been listed.  The house is currently listed for sale and is being marketed as having no heritage protection and is suitable for re-development. The property is set to go to auction on 13 November 2021. 

40 Beresford Road is consistent with the character and style of the other similar heritage items and areas on Beresford, Albert, Homebush and Broughton Roads.  40 Beresford Rd is a substantial Queen Anne house, very similar in style and design to other very impressive Queen Anne homes situated surrounding this property along Homebush Road and Albert Road at rear. The western side of Homebush Road between Redmyre Road and Beresford Road features some of the most impressive Queen Anne homes in the district and these are recognised for their significance as local heritage items and also covered by the Homebush Road heritage conservation area, which also includes some impressive church buildings on the eastern side of the street.

The potential loss of this house would detract from the heritage character of this area of Strathfield and the other heritage listed properties.

The history of ‘Konubia’ is detailed at

The house features most of it’s original details and retains decorative chimneys, roof, lead-light windows and doors, tall ornate ceilings (possibly a mixture of pressed metal and plaster), detailed timber work, etc. It is interesting to note that the house has some resemblance to “Ravenswood”, 67 Homebush Road Strathfield, which is owned by Strathfield Council, in the detailing in/around the gables, chimneys and where the brick is not painted in the chimneys appears to have similar multi-coloured brown colour of brick.