Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society has collaborated with Strathfield Council in preparing a new exhibition.

Strathfield Answers the Call 1914-1918 explores how the people of Strathfield and Homebush participated in the events of WWI on the battlefront and at home.

This exhibition shares the stories from the Strathfield and Homebush district in supporting a war fought far from home.

Learn about the sacrifices of those who fought, the efforts of those at home and the issues that united and divided communities.

When: 23 April – 20 June 2021 (during Strathfield Council Library & Innovation Hub opening hours)

Where: Ironbark Gallery – Strathfield Council Library & Innovation Hub, Rochester Street Homebush

You are invited to discover the many stories of those who answered the call by attending two historical talks at the Ironbark Gallery:

Registrations are essential and can be made by clicking on the above links.