Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society

Historical Society for the Strathfield and Homebush Districts


Newsletters from the Society may be viewed. Members have full access to view, print or copy.

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.1 – December 2018

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.1 No. 3 March-April 2019 – Sir George Reid

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.1 No.2 Jan-Feb 2019 – Homebush Racecourse

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.1 No.7 November-December 2019 – Brantwood – website version

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.2 No.1 Jan-Feb 2020 – Strathfield Shopping Centre – website version

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.2 No. 2 March-April 2020 – Mosquito Health Campaigns – Vale Ron Haddick & Andrew Ho

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.2 No.4 Strathfield Massacre 1991 – website version

SHDHS Newsletter Vol.2 No.5 September-October 2020 Eton College

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